2016 Results

Winners of the Bay Festival Trophy are.......
R Gow and T Robinson. Overall score of 130

Monday Morecambe men's team evert
1st C Turner and team
2nd D Birkbeck and team
3rd M Bateson and team
4th L Bateson and team
5th G Thompson and team
6th G Duckworth

Monday Lancaster 4 B B B men's
1st J McGinley and G Needham
2nd G Waugh and G Cooke
3rd I Black and J North
4th A Albiston and F Stapleton
5th T Styles and D Chambers
6th T Hatton and B Williams

Tuesday Heysham men's team event
1st S Loughin and team
2nd R Mitchell and team
3rd V Rose and team

Tuesday Heysham ladies team event
1st V Heap and team
2nd K Murray -Lee and team
3rd J Gow and team

Tuesday Lancaster 4 BBB men's
1st J Clements and D Lomax
2nd S Wilson and D Metcalf
3rd T Robinson and R Gow
4th C Greenwood and S Daniels
5th A Grimes and D Speak
6th T Brownwell and T Smith

Wednesday Heysham 4 BBB men's
1st P Alderson and P Galbraith
2nd G Bremner and V Ralph
3rd J McGinley and J Hempsteed
4th T McKewan and N Connell
5th F Coldicutt and H Atkinson
6th T Birchall and G Parkinson

Wednesday Morecambe men's team event
1st C Boughey and team
2nd G Sheedy and team
3rd M Lowe and team
4th R Mitchell and team
5th S Rowlands and team
6th H Derbyshire and team

Thursday Morecambe 4 BBB men's
1st R Gow and T Robinson
2nd R Gerrard and C Hulme
3rd M Harris and R Harris
4th C Brown and T Hallam
5th R Lamb and S KItchen
6th M Hopkinson and R Joel

Thursday Heysham any combination team event
1st M Lundy and team
2nd J Cowperthwaite and team
3rd P Pither and team
4th J Robinson and team
5th M Gasson and team
6th T Boothroyd and team

Friday Heysham men's team event
1st T Johnson and team
2nd D Dutt and team
3rd B Marsden and team
4th T Roberts and team
5th D Hull and team
6th I Gardner and team

Friday Lancaster men's team event
1st M Bateson and team
2nd M Stuart and team
3rd A Lundy and team
4th C Turner and team
5th M Derbyshire and team
6th B Cornall and team