Results from the 2017 Competition

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Monday Heysham Golf Club
September 11th
1st I S Gardner's team 82 points          
2nd J McGinley's team 80 points acpo          
3rd T Bessant's team 80 points acpo          
4th E Burrow's team 79 points acpo          
5th C Sadler's team 79 points          
6th B Jestice's team 78 points          
Tuesday September 12th at Heysham
Tuesday at Morecambe
1st M Hopkinson & P Towers 42 points acpo   1st M.Ashworth Clitheroe 82 points
2nd D Walker & D Rount 42 points acpo   2nd C.Turner Ormskirk 79 Points
3rd J Lowe & N Connell 42 points   3rd C.Bouthey Deanwood 78points acpo
4th R Gow & R Mitchell 41 points   4th P.Harris High Leigh 78 points
5th I Foulkes & P Smethurst 40 points acpo   5th      
6th D Webster & R Webster 40 points   6th      
Wednesday at Heysham
Wednesday at Lancaster
1st P Pither and Team 87 points acpo   1st
C Greenwood and S Daniels
  42 points acpo
B Eddleston and team
87 points acpo   2th
M Davies and A Robertson
  42 points acpo
3rd N Lamb and Team 87 points   3th
N Stephens and P Smith
N Stephens acpo
G Thomson and Team
86 points   4th
A Maxfield and G Chadwick
  41 points acpo
P Cottenden and team
85 points acpo   5th
M Hopkinson and P Towers
  40 points acpo
C Boughey and Team
85 points acpo   6th
T Jones and K Mahon
  40 points acpo
Thursday at Morecambe
Thursday at Lancaster
Robinson and Harmer
J Cooperthwaithe & team
2nd Lawler and Berry     2th
S Loughlin and team
Clement and Lowmax
C Boughey and team
Derbyshire and Cottondon
K Wadsworth and team
Braithwaite and Fawcett
A Uppington and team
McGinley and Hempseed
M Morrison and team
Friday at Morecambe
Friday at Lancaster
1st J Heap and team     1st
C Turner and team
89 points  
2nd D Shaw and team     2th
M Hopkinson and team
88 points  
3rd J Perkes and team     3th
M Stuart and team
86 points  
D Whittaker and team
D Bosson and team
86 points  
G Roberton and team
C Aillson and team
85 points  
6th C Phillips and team     6th
J Marley and team
84 points